Where can I see your prices?

If you would like a quote then please contact us and we can send over a brochure with our prices and packages,  Depending on where, and whether or not you are having any extras may change the price slightly.  You may also be entitled to a discount or even discounts, so if you just let us know which package or packages suit you best we can provide a more accurate quote.

Do we get to meet you before the day?

This will depend on the package you choose, however as long as we have time we can always meet up for a chat.  We can speak over the phone, email, Skype however face to face is always a little better! 

What Happens if you don't show up?

This is extremely unlikely, however in the event that we did miss the event entirely you will receive a full refund.  We always send over a signed contract with certain scenarios in which you will be refunded, however again we would do everything we can to ensure this doesn't happen. If a photographer or videographer falls ill on the day or has some kind of crisis that prevents him or her from attending we will make sure they are replaced (this would have to be something very bad!).

How do we book and pay?

Once you're happy to book we will send over a form to be filled which will give us all the information we'll need.  Once we get that back you will be sent an invoice and contract, then when you're happy and make the payment your date will be reserved for you.  Online or bank payments will be free of charge, however PayPal or credit card/debit payments will require a small percentage extra.  We also accept cash.

Where can we see some for your work?

Just ask!  Very happy to send over a few samples.

If we pay upfront, do we get a refund if the wedding date changes?

Deposits are non-refundable; we need a deposit as there is a strong risk of us turning down work as you already have the space.  However we do appreciate how unfair it is to pay the full amount for a service you're not getting, so we offer 50% to be refundable up to the half way point of your booking and the wedding.